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Consumer Directed Services (CDS) allows patients to manage their care to someone of their choice. You assume the employer’s role and are responsible for drafting, selecting, training, managing, and releasing your attendants. These Caregivers in St. Louis can be anyone other than a partner, including friends and family who have stepped into the role of caregiver.


Our Consumer Directed Services program allows people suffering from an illness the opportunity to “hire” their care attendant to provide their care. Consumer-directed Directed Services are often less stressful and more comfortable to adjust to than moving to a dedicated facility. We make the process easy. Just get in touch with us and provide us with the client’s Medicaid details. We will work with you as you go through the qualification procedure and get approval for the CDS program.

This Home Care in St. Louis, MO program pushes your loved one to continue living independently while obtaining assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing/showering, toileting, getting/organizing medication, meal preparation/clean up, housekeeping/laundry, and essential transportation. Specific criteria apply; please see eligibility requirements.


Living at home, receiving home care, and having the liberty to live in the privacy and convenience of your space is something everyone deserves and desires to have. We provide Home Care in St. Louis, MO, that allows your loved one to maintain a level of independence that is not offered at a nursing home or assisted living facility. Because, for your loved one, is there any place better than home?

These days, the number of Senior Home Care in St. Louis, MO that one can get at home is immense, and so are the benefits from it. Supportive Living Consumer Direct care can vary from nursing care to specialized medical services, such as laboratory workups, based on the individual patient’s case. Here, you and your doctor will determine the best care plan for you and the services you may need at home.

At-home care services may include:

  • Nursing care
  • Care from home health aides
  • Homemaker or primary assistance care
  • Nutritional support
  • Transportation and more

We provide high-quality, individualized care for patients of all ages where they can feel most comfortable – their oasis or community. Our Senior Home Care in St. Louis, MO, and equipment for it are intended to help you retrieve and retain a level of independence.

Most of our staff comes to Supportive Living Consumer Direct because of a calling and a love for caring for people. Even our owner plans to continue to partake in the day-to-day operations. Our attendants become so close to clients that they become a part of the extended family in many instances. As a result, our clients feel valued, encouraged, and happier since they can still enjoy living in their home environment while receiving the utmost care and attention.

Discover the Benefits of Home Care in St. Louis for Enhanced Quality of Life

Choosing Supportive Living Consumer Direct for senior home care in St. Louis, MO, ensures your loved ones receive personalized and compassionate care in the comfort of their home. Our services promote independence, improve overall well-being, and provide peace of mind with professional support. Benefits include assistance with daily activities, medication management, companionship, and specialized care for chronic conditions. Our dedicated Caregivers in St. Louis focus on enhancing safety and quality of life, ensuring your loved ones thrive in a familiar environment.

Addressing client needs

Addressing client needs

Supportive Living Consumer Direct addresses the specific needs and concerns of potential clients by providing tailored Home Care in St. Louis that prioritizes individual well-being and comfort. Our approach to Senior Home Care in St. Louis, MO, begins with a comprehensive assessment to understand each client's unique requirements, preferences, and health conditions. This personalized plan ensures that our Caregivers in St. Louis can deliver the most effective support, from assistance with daily activities to specialized care for chronic illnesses or disabilities.

Safety is a primary concern for our clients, and we implement rigorous safety protocols and regular training for our Caregivers in St. Louis to ensure a secure environment. We also focus on fostering meaningful relationships and providing companionship and emotional support, which are crucial for mental and emotional health.

By maintaining open communication with families and healthcare providers, we ensure that our clients receive consistent and coordinated care. Our commitment to quality, empathy, and professionalism ensures that the specific needs and concerns of each client are thoroughly addressed, promoting peace of mind for both clients and their families.

Home Senior Health Care FAQs:

What types of services are included in Senior Home Care in St. Louis, MO?

Our Senior Home Care in St. Louis, MO, encompasses a wide range of support, including assistance with daily living activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, medication management, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation to appointments, and companionship. We also provide specialized care for chronic conditions and disabilities, ensuring each client’s unique needs are met.

How do you ensure the safety and reliability of your caregivers?

We prioritize the safety and reliability of our Caregivers in St. Louis through a rigorous selection process, including background checks, thorough interviews, and professional reference verification. Our Caregivers in St. Louis receive ongoing training to stay updated on best practices in senior care, and we regularly monitor their performance to ensure they provide the highest quality of care.

How is a personalized care plan developed?

A personalized care plan is developed through a comprehensive assessment conducted by our care coordinators. This assessment includes evaluating the client’s health status, daily routines, personal preferences, and any specific care needs. Based on this evaluation, we create a customized care plan that outlines the services required to enhance the client’s quality of life and ensure their well-being.

Can care plans be adjusted as needs change?

Yes, our care plans are flexible and can be adjusted as the client’s needs change. We understand that health conditions and personal circumstances can evolve, and we regularly review and update care plans to ensure they remain relevant and effective. Families and clients are encouraged to communicate any changes in needs or preferences, and we promptly adapt our services accordingly.

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